To enrich;

  • The communities of the North West and the UK
  • The Environment for people and wildlife
  • The life chances of everyone, including the underprivileged.

It is suggested that by 2080 sea levels may have risen by around 80cm. This will have a serious impact on the local population and the conservation areas which are home to a variety of bird species that rely on the mudflats as a food source. The tidal gateways could, in the long run, help to protect peoples’ homes and a percentage of the ecologically diverse mudflats.

Public interest has been assessed by exhibiting our model. This is a large physical model approximately 3 metres by 1 metre and it has been displayed in Liverpool, Manchester, Whitehaven, Barrow, Morecambe and also at United Utilities Headquarters in Warrington.

We also have our spokesman Graham Davies giving talks to local interest groups such as Rotary Clubs and Parish Councils. The talks have been in areas from the Wirral all the way up to Workington and have been overall very well received.